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Carnifex is an American deathcore band from San Diego, California. Formed in 2005, they are currently signed to Victory Records and have released three studio albums. The band's name is derived fromthe Old English Latin word Äúexecutioner; literally meaning, "executioner".

1 History
1.1 Formation and early recordings (2005–2006)
1.2 Dead in My Arms(2007-2008)
1.3 The Diseased and the Poisoned (2008-2009)
1.4 Hell Chose Me and new album (2009-present)
2 Band members
3 Discography
4 References
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[edit] Formation and early recordings (2005–2006)

Carnifex was founded during late 2005 in Fallbrook, California, with a recording lineup of Scott Lewis (vocals), Shawn Cameron(drums), Rick James (guitar) and Kevin Vargas (bass). A self-titled demo was recorded and released featuring five tracks made with the intent of searching for a label record deal. A second demo wasreleased and sold at local shows and was titled Hope Dies. In September 2006, Rick James and Kevin Vargas left. Shortly after, Steve McMahon joined on bass, as did Travis Whiting on guitar. Carnifexreleased an EP before the end of 2006, titled Love Lies in Ashes, which was released through Enclave Records. It was sold exclusively at shows as well as online stores such as iTunes before the group beganwork on their full-length debut album.
[edit] Dead in My Arms (2007-2008)

Carnifex was signed to underground label This City Is Burning Records in March 2007 and recorded their debut full lengthDead in My Arms, with yet another member change. The band though was still a four-piece outfit but with current guitarist Cory Arford replacing Rick James in March 2007. The line-up during therecording of Dead in My Arms was Scott Lewis (vocals), Shawn Cameron (drums), Cory Arford (guitar) and Steve McMahon (bass guitar). Dead in My Arms was released on July 12, 2007. Carnifex began touring full...
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