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  • Publicado : 6 de octubre de 2010
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Short story

The tell tale Heart

This short story written for Edgar Allan Poe is a story about a that live a tower front of his victim, in the story the killer is nervous because the other manhas a blue eye and that don’t to the narrator, he make a plain where he want to kill that man only because he has a blue eye .So the narrator visited for a week the house of the other man and he sawthe eye but the man of the eye don’t sans nothing because he was sleep.
Pass eight days in the plain for kill the man, the day when the man go to kill him he sans a rare sing and wake up in that momentthe killer with the cotton and he kill the eye .
The man put the corps of the man under the floor, when was the morning to door of the house arrive several policemen because a neighbor hear thesound ah he tell to the police .So the killer said to the police that find in the house that he hasn’t make nothing and the make I t and they finish and they sit down and talking themselves .the killerput nervous because he hear the heartbeats and that carry that man accept that he had kill the man.

So I go to begin with a part of the summary.
This story is about is about a man that kill otherman because hat man had a blue eye, how he said a rare eye.
In this short story is saw a first person narrative of an unnamed .the story present a narrator that is obsessed with an eye that is ill.When we read the short story is very short but explain all that is pass by the story. The narrators give us several causes why he kills the other man and he made by kill him ,in the begun of the storywe see how he was talking with several persons but that is a lie that is the function that he narrator has in the story .
In the end of the story we see the man that has the bag eye don´t did butnot that he was unconscious and he again to make the heartbeats and the ma that kill he talk high hat yes!!!!
In the contest of the story there is to see that he plain the forms for kill the rye...
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