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Food:In Nicaragua, culture changes from one coast to the other, and the Caribbean Coast also has its part in traditional dishes. Important ingredients are used such as coconut.
Rondon: traditionallyfrom Bluefields. Rondon is prepared with turtle meat, fish, and red meat or pork. Sometimes you combine two of these meats. When preparing, cook the meat with pepper, hot pepper, a herb named nargan,onion, sweet pepper, banana, yucca and quequisque.
Gaubul: this is a typical drink in the Nicaraguan Caribbean, almost unknown in the Pacific and center of the country. To create this drink, make amixture of green banana (cooked beforehand and mashed in water), milk and coconut water, and a little bit of sugar.
Rice and Beans: this is the same as Gallo Pinto and it is prepared in the same way,using rice and red beans. The only difference is that it is fried with oil made out of coconut, which gives the plate a different and special flavor.
Along the Caribbean Coast, theculture changes dramatically. The Miskito, Suma, Rana and Criollo cultures takes over. in places such as Bluefiels, Puerto Cabezas, Wawashang and other areas along the east coast have many culturalelements inherited from the afro Caribbean culture and the local indigenous population. Many colorful festivals take place each year in the different regions of Nicaragua. One of these is the Festival delPalo de Mayo, held in Bluefields every year.
The Nicaraguan culture in this region is mainly expressed by dances and music with African influence, but the contribution of native indigenous tribes canalso be observed. The rhythm and dance representative of this region is the ‘palo de mayo’, created in Bluefields. This is an energetic dance in which dancers motion their body with sensual movements.Music:
Palo de Mayo, or Maypole, is a celebration welcoming rain, production, new life and  including a maypole, which is a tall wooden pole, decorated with several long, colored ribbons...
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