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  • Publicado : 24 de mayo de 2010
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To: Mrs. Mary Petti, Administrator Terra Vista Rehabilitation and Health Center

From: Hilda Cotto, RN.BSN.MNS.

SUBJECT: Immediate Resign

Receive from my partthis letter witch explain my resignation effective and immediacy December 6, 2009. I do not want to leave without giving my appreciation and thanks for giving methe offer during last four months, but I have to express my self certain events that should have not happen witch accelerate my resignation

1- Patients/residentsare demanding to receive there medication one or two hours before there time and since I did not please there demand, because of that I receive a verbal and writtennotice. Witch to my understanding I was following doctor orders and respecting hospital rules, Federal Regulations* of The State of Florida*.

2- When I am force bysuperiors to give medications in the hall ways or any were other then the patients/residents home room. This action voids right of privacy to the patients/residents, and Ihave observe when I give medication to patients in the hall ways some of the other patients/residents incline to read the nurse chart, when I am not looking this wouldnot occur if its done the correct way.

3- I have receive input from other patient/residents that they do not appreciate other patients/residents invading thereprivacy when I administer there medication.

4- These actions are putting my professional reputation and my nurse license in jeopardy, for these reason I am putting myresignation.

* This in-services ‘’RESIDENTS RIGHTS’’ I have received by Terra Vista during my orientation ,when I was hired.

Thank You;

Hilda Cotto, RN.BSN.MSN.
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