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  • Publicado : 27 de marzo de 2011
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1. Sector: Healthcare, Household, Fashion & Beauty.
2. Objectives :Awarenes, Trial.
3. Techniques: Free.
4. Agency: Lifestyle Incentives Ltd.


• Ariel washing powder is a specially formulated detergent that keeps whites looking whiter for longer.

• For the last two years Ariel had runadvertising campaigns, featuring Tim Henman, to demonstrate its ability to keep whites 'championship white' wash after wash.

• These had failed to make inroads into the key competitor's target audience of AB mid-family mothers.


• To generate incremental trial and sales of Ariel in Tesco stores.

• To enhance the association of Ariel with tennis and the Lawn TennisAssociation.

• To make significant inroads into the key competitor's core market.

• To build on previous 'Championship Whites' campaigns and create a point of difference for Ariel in a market of perceived parity.


• To target AB mothers with children aged 5-12 who research indicated had a high interest in tennis.

• To make Ariel synonymous with keeping tenniswhites white, building on research that indicated consumers perceive this as a torture test for any detergent.

• To develop an alliance with the Lawn Tennis Association that would emphasise the brand's strong juxtaposition with playing tennis.

• To create an added value in-store promotion offering a reward for every purchase of Ariel.

The offer to Tesco customers was afree tennis lesson from an LTA licensed, qualified coach in return for the purchase of any Ariel product.
To claim their tennis lesson consumers were asked to mail their till receipt and a C5 stamped addressed envelope to the offer address. In return they received a booklet containing a voucher for one free introductory tennis lesson lasting one hour and valued at up to £25. The book also included adirectory of over 200 participating coaches nationwide. On receipt of the booklet the consumers telephoned their chosen coach to book a lesson stating that they had an Ariel Free Tennis Voucher.
The promotion was launched during the first week of Wimbledon when the interest in tennis reaches its peak. Humorous radio advertisements were a key part of the communication painting an amusing pictureof individuals who were likely to benefit from free tennis lessons. In store support included end-aisle displays with hanging banners, shelf barkers, A5 leaflets and shippers.


• Design and artwork.

• Print and production.

• Agreement for use of Tim Henman on promotional materials.

• POS distribution.

• LTA agreement.

• Radio advertising.• Recruitment of coaches.

• Response management.


• Free


Discount offer
• Radio advertisements and in-store POS invited consumers to purchase any Ariel product in Tesco and claim a free tennis lesson.

• Following purchase consumers mailed their till receipt and a C5 stamped addressed envelope to the offer address.

• Only oneapplication per person was permitted and any one under the age of 18 required the signature of a parent or guardian.

• Households were able to submit multiple applications (for other members of the household) provided each claim was accompanied by a separate proof of purchase.

• Applicants received a booklet containing a directory of participating LTA coaches and a voucher for a free one-hourtennis lesson.

• Applicants selected their coach and then telephoned him/her to book a lesson stating that they had an Ariel Free Tennis Lesson voucher.

• The voucher was valid until 30 June 2004.


• Hanging banners.

• A5 leaflets.

• Shelf barkers.

• Display shippers.

• Directory/voucher booklets.


5. The campaign...
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