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• • • Trim-Tex Vinyl Beads have always been produced with at least 70% recycled Content. Over 99% of our punch outs and out of spec product is recycled into top quality finished goods. Vinyl Beads will never rust, so they’ll lastthe life of your building. excellent for Oceanfront hotels and developments. Trim-Tex 847 spray adhesive is VOC compliant in all states that regulate VOC content. Trim-Tex has recycling programs in place for all corrugated, paper, skids and steel used in our operations. Trim-Tex has a full line of layering beads allowing you to create Drywall art with leftover strips of drywall that would normallybe thrown away.

All products manufactured by Trim-Tex are made in the U.S.A.

Trim-Tex Inc.

The New Look of Trim-Tex Online

• restructured online catalog • suggestions for homeowners, architects, and contractors • Complete list of installation instruction sheets and videos • Tips section for answers to common problems • Technical documents such as MsDs sheets and our 3Part spec • News page with current Trim-Tex projects and events • Dealer Search with zip code finder




• Interactive Photo Galleries • Drywall Art Videos • Drywall Artist of the Year Links • Photo of the Month Competition

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• 847 spray adhesive is a high tack, pressure sensitive spray adhesive specifically designed and tested by our engineers to be used with triM-tex vinyl beads. • triM-tex 847 is a Must for installing expansion products such as...
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