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P8.10 OXFORD B1+ EXAM 5 (01)


Choose the best option to complete the sentences.

1.Is this flat_______________than the other?

a) comfortabler
b) more comfortable
c) most comfortable
d) the most comfortable

2. Portugal is ________________than Spain.

a)less expensive
b) the least expensive
c) expensive
d) as expensive

3. My house isn’t _________________yours.

a) more pretty
b) as pretty
c) as pretty than
d) as prettyas

4. A __________________is a large private boat that rich people sometimes have.

a) yacht
b) private jet
c) mansion
d) sports car

5. We want to convert this room into a_________________. We have many guests in the summer, so there they will be really comfortable.

a) utility room
b) hall
c) study
d) spare room

6. We have a traditional ____________. Ithas got an old wooden desk in front of a shelf.

a) living room
b) spare room
c) utility room
d) study

7. I love the ________________in this house. They’re ideal for having gueststo stay.

a) cellar
b) spare rooms
c) landing
d) garage

8. _______________comes from cows.

a) Pork
b) Lamb
c) Beef
d) Duck

9. ____________ is similar tochicken.

a) Bacon
b) Squid
c) Beef
d) Duck

10. ________________is an expensive type of seafood.

a) Lobster
b) Fish
c) Trout
d) Sole

11. You were at home yesterday,______________?

a) weren’t you
b) were you
c) did you
d) are you

12. Naomi is swimming, ________________?

a) isn’t she
b) she is
c) is she
d) does she

13.Sebastian plays rugby, ____________?

a) isn’t he
b) is he
c) does he
d) doesn’t he

14. You haven’t finished your report yet, ______________?

a) haven’t you
b) did you...
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