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Most of people don’t know themselves as an energy; people don’t find knowledge because some of them are too busy to care about it. They prefer to do superficial things, believing that’s going to makethem better. Some of the chakras can’t be used for some people they don’t do the things in their lives by the right way. Also, the people who use psychotropic substances might be more connected withtheir selves, even when the psychotropic substances affect the body.
What are the chakras?
Chakras are the main centers of activity receptors, assimilated and transmitters of the vital energies.According to our actions and ideas internal points arise to ourselves and return to them, our chakras are the main connection mind-body. Chakras exist simultaneously in many dimensions and that’s whythey are points of access to these dimensions.
In the physical domain, are regions of the organism and can be measured as patterns of electromagnetic activity centered on the nodes. So they can be usedto diagnose and heal illness. In the dimensions of time, chakras describe personal life cycles. In adolescence we develop the lower chakras. In terms of evolution, chakras are paradigms of theuniversal conscience prevailing in a determinate age; at the primitive times the humanity existed in the first chakra and the desire to focus all of their survival activities.
At the mental universechakras are patterns of conscience, belief systems through which we experience the world around us and we develop, the man that sees in every situation an opportunity to increase their power passes throughthe third chakra. In every dimension, chakras are points of significant concentration of vital and organized energy. Our body is the vehicle of conscience, and chakras are the wheels of life carryingthis vehicle through all tests, tribulations and transformations. The system of chakras is not a passive method but a spiral that perpetuates itself. Not only describes the evolution but originates...
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