Chapter 23 science

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Chapter concepts
35.1 Climate and the Biosphere
• In what ways does the distribution of solar radiation on planet Earth affect climate?
R.- The sun affects how the winds blow and the amount ofrainfall various regions receive.
• How do topography and the distribution of landmasses affect climate?
R.- Topography affects by the presence of mountains, when air blows up and over a mountainrange, it rises and cools.

#35.2 Terrestrial Ecosystems
• What two environmental factors work together to determine the type of terrestrial ecosystem (biome)?
R.- Temperature and precipitation.• What are the major terrestrial biomes, and how are they distributed?
R.- Tundra, Taiga, Temperate deciduous forests, Tropical forests, Shrublands, Grasslands, Deserts. The distribution isdetermined by physical factors such as climate, which varies according to latitude and altitude.

• What type biomes do you expect to see from the base of a mountain to the top of a mountain? Why?
R.- Atthe base tundra, then coniferous forest, then temperate deciduous forest, then tropical forest, then deciduous forest, then montane coniferous forest, then alpine tundra, and at the top ice. I wouldexpect it to see it like that because biomes change with altitude just as they do with latitude and vegetation is partly determined by temperature. Precipitation also plays a significant role.

•How do the tundra, coniferous forests, temperate deciduous forests, tropical forests, shrublands, grasslands, and deserts differ with regard to climate, vegetation, and animal life?
R.- They differvery much, because each type of biome is different, so one biome has certain average climate and the climate affects the vegetation and animal life. The climate is mostly defined by altitude andlatitude.

35.3 Aquatic Ecosystems
• What are the two types of aquatic ecosystems?
R.- Freshwater and saltwater.

• What are two types of lakes, and which type can be affected by stratification?...
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