Science study guide chapter 5 "the sea

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1. Name the tiny, floating plants and animalsthat live in the ocean:

A) Plankton

2. It is made up of tiny particles called molecules?

A) Water

3. Are gases found in the air?

A) Hydrogen and oxygen

4. Theformula of the water is:

A) H O

5. What is an Atom?

A) It is the smallest part of an element

6. What nonliving resources can be found in the ocean?

A) Pearls, diamonds,gold, silver, copper, nickel, magnesium and petroleum

7. Name things that shows the Sea’power:

A) It can break rock, carve rock, move beaches, sink ships, affect the earth’s climate.

8.What three things can we learn about the Creator from studying the ocean he made?

A) He loves beauty, He is powerful and He likes to bless us with good things.

9. What is Evaporation?A) It is the change of a liquid to vapor

10. What is the relation between condensation and precipitation in the water cycle?

A) Water vapor in the atmosphere is carried from place toplace by winds, eventually the water vapor condenses or changes back to a liquid, and falls to the earth as precipitation (storm)

11. The forms of precipitation are:

A) Rain, sleet, hail,snow, storm

12. Are the steps of the water cycle?

A) Evaporation, Precipitation, Condensation

13. How does the ocean help make the earth a comfortable place to live?

A) Itmoderates earth’s climate

14. How much of the earth’s surface is covered by water?

A) About three fourths

15. Explain what causes tides:

A) The gravity of the moon and the sun pullingon the earth’s waters

16. Where are the living things on a sandy shore?

A) Most are covered by the sand

17. Name two univalves:

A) Cowries, conchs, sea snails, whelks

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