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Grandstream Device Configuration

Admin Password: SIP Server: Outbound Proxy: SIP User ID: Authenticate ID: Authenticate Password: Name: Advanced Options:Preferred Vocoder: choice 1: (in listed order) choice 2: choice 3: choice 4: choice 5: choice 6: choice 7: choice 8: G723 rate: iLBC frame size: iLBC payload type: Silence Suppression: Voice Frames perTX: Layer 3 QoS:
2 48 97 92327 92327

(purposely not displayed for security protection) (e.g.,, or IP address) (e.g.,, or IPaddress, if any) (the user part of an SIP address) (can be identical to or different from SIP User ID) Poner folio sin el cero (purposely not displayed for security protection) 92327 (optional, e.g.,John Doe)

current setting is " G723" current setting is " G729" current setting is " G723" current setting is " PCMA" current setting is " G728" current setting is " G729" current setting is " iLBC"current setting is " G722"

6.3kbps encoding rate 20ms 30ms

5.3kbps encoding rate

(between 96 and 127, default is 97) No Yes (up to 10/20/32/64 for G711/G726/G723/other codecs respectively)(Diff-Serv or Precedence value)

Layer 2 QoS: 802.1Q/VLAN Tag Use DNS SRV: User ID is phone number: SIP Registration: No No Yes Yes Yes No

802.1p priority value



Unregister OnReboot: Register Expiration: Early Dial: Dial Plan Prefix: No Key Entry Timeout: Use # as Dial Key: local SIP port: local RTP port: Use random port: NAT Traversal:



(inminutes. default 1 hour, max 45 days) Yes (use "Yes" only if proxy supports 484 response) (this prefix string is added to each dialed number) (in seconds, default is 4 seconds)


5060 5040

Yes(if set to Yes, "#" will function as the "(Re-)Dial" key) (default 5060) (1024-65535, default 5004) Yes

No No

Yes, STUN server is: keep-alive interval: Use NAT IP Proxy-Require: Firmware...
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