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  • Publicado : 10 de noviembre de 2011
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Chemistry lab report
Title: Measuring Heat of neutralization of an exothermic reation
Theoretical introduction: Heat of neutralization is said to be The heat change that occurs when one mole ofH+ ions from an acid reacts with one mole of OH– ions from an alkali.
Aim: To calculate the heat released by a of NaOH + H2So4 and NaOH + HCL in a calorimeter by measuring the initial and finaltemperatures of two reactions mentioned before.
Research question: How much energy do the NaOH + H2So4 and NaOH + HCL reactions release when being placed inside a calorimeter in kj/ mol?
Materials:Calorimeter (there are two cups of Polystyrene, one bigger than the other), thermometer, rod, beaker, measuring cylinder, propipette.
Variables: Independent: Chemicals used to mix with NaOH
Dependant:energy released by the reaction
Controlled: amount of chemicals, room temperature
• Procedure: Pour gently 50ml of NaOH inside a measuring cylinder and if there isn’t exactly 50ml use the propipette to add or remove more substance. After this pour the 50ml into a beaker and check its temperature( this will be used as the initial temperature)
• In the smaller cup of Polystyrene make two holeswith a rod , one for the thermometer and another one to the stirring rod. Check that the holes are not so wide so that heat doesn’t escape through it.
• After this, pour gently 50 ml of H2SO4 insidea measuring cylinder and if there isn’t exactly 50ml add them by using the propipette. Then pour the liquid into a beaker
• Insert the beaker with the 50ml of NaOH inside the calorimeter which iscomposed by two cups of Polystyrene which surrounds and enclose the beaker so that heat keeps inside there. Check the temperature since this will be used as the initial temperature
• Pour the 50ml ofH2S04 inside the beaker with NaOH and then enclose the beaker with the two cups of Polystyrene. Instantly, insert the spatula through one of the holes that you have made and the thermometer in the...
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