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Energy and Chemical Change
Energy is the ability to do work or produce heat. It exists in two basic forms, potential energy and kinetic energy. Potential energy is energy due to the composition orposition of an object. A good example is the water stored in the electric dam waiting to past and move the turbines of hydroelectric plant. Kinetic energy (kinetic come from Greek means “to move”) isthe energy of motion. As the temperature increase, the motion increase
Kinetic-molecular theory describes the behavior of gases in terms of particles in motion. The model makes several assumptionsabout the size, motion, and energy of gas particles. Two factors two determine the kinetic energy is mass and velocity. The representation is this equation
KE is kinetic energy, m is mass,and v is volume
Law of conservation of energy states that in any chemical reaction or physical process, energy can be converted from one to another, but it nether neither create nor destroyed. Theenergy stored in a substance because of its composition is called chemical potential energy .much of the potential energy of is released as heat(is represent by the symbol q).calorie(cal) is ameasuring in the metric system of units, is the amount of heat required to raise of a gram of pure water by one degree Celsius. Note: Calorie is capitalized it refers to a nutritional calorie. Also they arecalled kilocalories (kcal) are equal to 1,000 calories
Joule (j) The SI unit of heat and energy. One joule is the equivalent of 0.2390 calories, or one calorie equals 4.184 joules. Specific heat isthe amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one gram of the substances by one degree Celsius.
The heat absorbed or released by as substance during a change in temperature depends notonly upon the specific heat of the substances, but also also upon the mass of the substance and the amount by which the temperature changes. You represent that change is the following equations...
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