Christmas traditions around the world

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  • Publicado : 30 de noviembre de 2011
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Christmas Traditions Around the World


Christmas in Mexico is very similar to Catalonia but in our country is most beautiful. In a lot ofcountries Santa Claus is very popular but in Catalonia and Mexico the most typical is the Three Wise Men. The Three Wise Men give presents to the children.
During the year if children arevery good boys and girls, they get many presents for Christmas.
Another very popular costume in Catalonia is the “caga tió”. The “caga tió” is a magic trunk. On Christmas day familiesget together around the bonfire and sing Christmas carols. Children take a stick and hit on the “caga tió” and when they finish singing the song the “caga tió” shit a lot of presents forthem.
At Christmas the typical food in Catalonia is the “escudella”. The “escudella” is a traditional soup in our country and everybody eats it in that day. Even so, there are a lot offamilies that they also eat fish, for example monkfish or hake.
In Mexico people don’t shit the “caga tió” because it is an only costume in Catalonia.
In the New Year’s Eve in ourcountry, friends get together and eat and drink a lot. The most important tradition in that day is eating twelve grapes at twelve o’clock at midnight when the year begins.
It’s a crazy dayand everybody is very happy because the best friends and family begin the next year together.
January the fifth is the most important day for children in Catalonia because the ThreeWise Men come. The Three Wise bring presents for them and they are very happy.
This day is very nice when you are little because you don’t know the truth.
Really, the parents are theThree Wise Men and they buy the presents for our.
Christmas is a very nice holiday in our country, but we would like to go to visit other countries to celebrate Christmas in different way.
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