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  • Publicado : 24 de enero de 2012
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Uprisings in the Middle East

In recent weeks we have seen how people around the globe, especially in the middle east, are rising up against dictatorial and military governments. We are seeingriots, violent uprisings, and 'coup de eta'ts' taking place, and we must not turn a blind eye to these events, for they are the result of the deprivation of civil rights, the violation of the mostsimple human needs, and the abuse of power imposed upon the citizens of the protagonist countries. We are seeing the result of governments that rule by fear, rulers that dictate policy without regardingthe well being, or even the thought of the people they represent.
All of these events are not individual in nature, people are realizing that we are not servants of a structured system rather thesystem is supposed to respond to the citizens and when that system has been turned upside down and only a few who have economic and political superiority control that system, it is time for the peopleto take that power and set it straight. This will inevitably create a temporary state of chaos and restlessness but it is from chaos that order forms.
Nevertheless there is a fact that cannot bedismissed and that is that these uprisings might not be entirely of the people, but might be influenced by other interests from certain groups that have more to gain from the chaos than from the to beestablished order or from the existing system. It is because of this reason that we must carefully analyze each situation to the light of the circumstances that surround it, for no event isindependent of other happenings in the world. It is only through the correlation that we each have to each other and countries have between them that we can be able to see the whole picture and perceive ifthere is something behind events that might seem as beneficial to the ones involved in such processes.
It is the analysis and understanding of political systems and social interactions that we can...
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