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  • Publicado : 29 de octubre de 2010
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We are living in an age of Information Technology. Electronics is at the very foundation of Information and Computer Age. The giant strides that we have made in the areas of and Computers are possible only because of the great successes that we Electronics. It is sometimes unbelievable, how many electronics gadgets that we carry these days in our person – Digital Wrist-watch,Calculator, Cell-phone, Digital Diary or a PDA, Digital Camera or a Video camera, etc. The different types of Electronic equipments that has invaded our offices and homes these days is also mind boggling. Many things we use at home and office are “remote controlled”, for example, Television (TV), Air-Conditioners, Audio equipment, Telephone, etc. It is almost close to “magic” how even a child,now-a-days, can switch channels, or increase decrease the volume of sound in a TV at home by just clicking on a few buttons sitting at the comfort of a sofa away from the Television apparently without any physical wiring or connection! Again, we are astonished, how we are able to talk to our near and dear living several thousands of kilometers away, from wherever we are, at home, office, on the road in acar, or in a classroom – just clicking a few n umbers on our palm sized cellular phones! by the


have achieved in the field of

Electronics has made deep impact in several vital areas such as health care,

medical diagnosis and

treatment, Air and space travels, Automobiles, etc. In short, the technological developments of several countries of the globe are directlyrelated to their strengths in electronics design, manufacture, products and services. It appears as though we have to add inevitably an “E” to the three “R”s, namely, Reading, wRiting, and aRithmatic, to declare a Man or Woman to be “literate”! Needless to add that the “E” here means “Electronics”! Thus Electronics has become surely a “Basic Science”. It is no more an “applied science”. Just as weteach physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics in our schools, it is high time we start teaching our children at school, Electronics as a separate subject by itself. This brings us face to face to an important question : How to teach the basic concepts of such an important subject like Electronics most effectively? If one wants to gain a good understanding of electronics, he or she should buildcircuits and test them independently. For this one should acquire a practical knowledge of the characteristics of different devices and in constructing the various circuits. Let us try to learn such skills by the proven scheme of “ LEARNING BY DOING”. An old Chinese Proverb says:

• • •

I Read I See I Do


I Forget I Remember I Understand

There is only one way to learn to do anything:JUST DO IT!

That is the way we all of us have learnt even as a child- to talk, walk, ride a cycle,etc.,.Many arts and special skills like dancing, singing swimming, and martial arts are all learnt by going to an expert or a teacher who makes us learn by doing rather than by listening to lectures or reading books. Why “learning by doing” is so important? Because, while doingwe tend to fail and failures are very important in the learning process. Once we fail we start analyzing what went wrong. Thus at the point of failure a profound learning takes place. That is why people say: FAILURES ARE STEPPING STONES TO SUCCESS! In order to master the basic principles of electronics one has to study about the different

components, circuits And measuring instruments used inelectronics. There are two types of components that we come across namely Active and Passive components. Resistors, Capacitors,etc., are known as passive components because they can only attenuate the electrical voltage and signals And cannot amplify. Whereas devices like transistors, operational

amplifier(Op Amp) can amplify or increase the amplitude And energy associated with the signals....
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