Ciudad utopica

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  • Publicado : 2 de junio de 2011
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Our society is named Tlaixtililistli because it means respect in Nahuatl.
The story of our city begins in 1970. This year a meteorite with a high temperature crashed with Earthon the Pacific Ocean near the middle of the separation of Chile and Australia. So the meteorite caused the separation of Antarctica, that went to the space and due to the rotation and translation thatit had during its way to the space, it became circular and it become a new satellite of the earth.
Days before that the meteorite crashed with the Earth it took place a celebration of the NobelPrice of chemistry in Antarctica because a Mexican scientist discovered a way to regenerate the ozone layer and the poles. So many famous scientist from all over the world and Mexican citizens andscientist went to celebrate the Nobel Price to Antarctica. When they were celebrating, the meteorite crashed and it was so fast that they didn’t notice that the meteorite was going to crash near them.
Thepeople that was in Antarctica in that moment survived, but amazingly they discovered that the circular shape where they were was habitable for the humans, and each year the seasons became more like inEarth, before it was death freezing but then it was hotter every year until they reached a temperature of 20°C, and it had spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each year more plants grew up, until itwas like a forest, and this small population of 150 people later became into a small city of 1 million people.
The houses first were igloo but then when there were many trees they started to do themof wood. It isn’t allowed to do high buildings and towers.
The citizens are neither tall nor short they are like in the middle. The woman’s average height is 6.67 and man’s average height is 1.75.Most of them aren’t much tanned, because of the place they live, most of the people have big eyes, and their color is brown.
Like its name indicates, it is a society that the main value is respect....
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