Civil drafting technology

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Civil Drafting Technology - 6th Edition by Madsen & Shumaker
Chapter 1 - Introduction to Civil Drafting Technology
Chapter Test

INSTRUCTIONS: Begin typing your answer on the line below thequestion. Use all UPPER CASE LETTERS FOR YOUR ANSWERS.

Part I
Define the following terms. Use your best hand lettering technique or use a word processor depending on your course instructions.

1.Civil drafting

2. Civil engineering

3. Map

4. Contour lines

5. Aerial photos

6. Plats

7. Site plan

8. General notes

9. Specific notes

10. Specifications11. Text

12. Font

13. Line work

14. Cartography

15. Digital elevation model

16. Delta notes

17. Workplace ethics

18. Intellectual property

19. Field

20.Professional organizations

Part II
Multiple choice: Delete all incorrect answers so that the correct one(s) remain. If using pencil or pen, circle, the response(s) that best describes each statement.

1-1Small-scale maps that commonly show large areas of earth, depicting continents and countries are called:
a. Aeronautical charts
b. Cadastral maps
c. Geographical maps
d. Nautical charts

1-2Maps that accurately show the shape of the earth by the use of contour lines are called:
a. Photogrammetric maps
b. Topographic maps
c. Engineering maps
d. Geographic maps

1-3 Maps thataccurately show the boundaries of major river basins are called:
a. Geographic maps
b. Nautical charts
c. Cadastral maps
d. Hydrologic maps

1-4 Maps detailed to show the layout of aconstruction project are called:
a. Geographic maps
b. Cadastral maps
c. Engineering maps
d. Topographic maps

1-5 Large scale maps that accurately show the features in a city or town.
a.Engineering maps
b. Geographical maps
c. Cadastral maps
d. Topographic maps

1-6 Maps that are two or three dimensional maps that have been digitally recorded and produced using a grid of elevation...
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