Civil rights movements

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I. Introduction
A. Chapter 8
1. Civil Rights Movements.
2. An American Paradox.
3. Universal Nation.

II. Civil Rights Movements of the 1950s and 1960s
A. TheUnited States Supreme Court declared in 1954 that racially segregated public schools didn’t provide equal educational opportunities for black Americans.
1. Black leaders throughout The U.S.decided to try to end racial segregation in all areas of American life.
2. Martin Luther King from 1950 – 1968 lead thousands of people in nonviolent marches.
3. He wants to bring greater assimilation ofblack people into larger American culture.
4. The Majority of American blacks shared Martin Luther King’s protestant religious beliefs and his goal of assimilation rather than separation.B. Malcolm X urged a rejection of basic American Value.
1. Complete separation of blacks from the white culture.
2. American Values were nothing more than “whites men’s values”use to keep blacks in an inferior position.
3. Blacks must separate themselves from white by force if necessary.
4. Blacks must build their own society based on values which they would create forthemselves.
5. He became a leader of the Black Muslim.

C. Two Major Civil rights laws were passed during the 1960s.
1. Brought great changes in the South.
2. One law: Illegal to segregatepublic facilities.
3. Other law: Illegal to deny black people the right to vote in elections.
4. The law helped to reduce the amount of white prejudice toward black people.
5. Affirmative action:Federal program to required employers to seek black workers and Universities to recruit black students.
6. Due to the laws The African Americans incomes increased dramatically in late 1960sand 1970s.
7. In 1988 Jesse Jackson became the First Black American to run for President of United States (He didn’t win).

III. An American Paradox
A. The Civil Rights Movement benefited...
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