Civilizacion del oeste europeo

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  • Publicado : 19 de junio de 2011
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Uribe Carlos
Dr. Christina Stern
Western civilization I
July 16,2008
Code of Hammurabi rules laws and order.

Hammurabi, king of Babylonia from 1795-1750 BC, is the earliest recorded exampleof a ruler or king that gave his people a written code or body of laws ranging from a younger to an orderly group . He did this so that all people under his control would know what he expected ofthem morally and professionally. This group of laws, known to us as The Code of Hammurabi, gives us great insight on the ways of the Babylonians.
Hammurabi ruled Babylonia with unbeliavable power andabsolute authority. He expressed kindness towards his people and protected the weak, lower class citizens from upper class citizens of higher status and power. Women citizens were noble, respected, andfree. He also protected consumers from professional scam artists causing chaos by faulty work and poor work ethics. In addition, he protected his citizens from judges that made careless, unjustmistakes during law cases and court hearings and proceedings
The Code clearly signifies or states punishments for crimes against morality and society. It is commonly referred to as the law of an eye foran eye and a tooth for a tooth, it accepts no excuses or explanations for any crime committed.
It states that if a merchant sells stolen property, and he or she is caught by theowner, and the owner can prove that the property being sold is his; the owner will get his property back and the merchant is put to death no questions asked. No one under Hammurabis empire was untouchedby these laws. It states, if a mother is found guilty of incest with her son they will both be burned to death. Law number 210 says that if a man hits a pregnant woman, she loses her unborn child, andthen she dies, his daughter shall be put to death. Also one can say that these laws tell us many things about the importance of marriage, monogamy, and the role children played in the marriage,...
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