Classroom arrangement

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  • Publicado : 10 de noviembre de 2011
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ooClassroom Arrangement

I think the most important message about classroom arrangement is that it should be deliberate and well thought out. Also, it has to reflect what teacher is trying toaccomplish and make the space works becoming the class meaningful and effective.
Arranging the class seems simply, however, arrangement of classroom can have an impact on classroom discipline and alsoit can show an impact on the effectiveness of teaching. That’s why teachers have to plan well enough classroom seating arrangements. Roc Mc Vetta mentions three most common way of arranging aclassroom: Traditional, modular and horseshoe.

For example, if teacher use traditional seating it could be good for communication but teacher cannot see students at the back. Horseshoe will helpteacher to move closer to each student, works well for presentations and it useful for class discussions. Modular seating provide the ability to work in small groups and courses that require a lot ofgroup work but communication between teacher and students could be more difficult.
Teachers have to decide if assign seating to students or give them freedom to sit. Students play a role on classroomarrangement when deciding where to take a sit. They can choose if seating at the back, at front, near to the window, close to the door, at the corner, next to the teacher, etc their decisiondepends on their interests. I remember when I was in high school I chose a sit on a row next to the window on the penultimate column. Why? Just because my friends sat at the back and I wanted to see whathappened outside. Here the preferences of students will affect the level of participation and maybe their learning and score and this freedom will be a disadvantage.
I think the main idea should bearranged to promote efficient learning, increase student’s participation and minimize behavioral problems and also teacher should be able to easily monitor students and provide them feedback.
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