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  • Publicado : 25 de mayo de 2011
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Welcome to Ezy Pascal

Thanks for choosing to evaluate Ezy Pascal. You have just installed the most easy to use Pascal programming software available. With EzyPascal you'll be learning computer programming in no time.

Try the Sample Programs

If you installed Ezy Pascal using the "All Downloads" installer, then the EzyPascal Programs folder, located in your My Documents folder, will contain some sample programs for you to try. If you're new to computer programming then the code for someof these programs may be a bit advanced for you, but running them will show you what Ezy Pascal is capable of - and in future you may be writing programs like theseyourself!

Programs on the Website

As well as the sample programs installed with Ezy Pascal, there are programs on the website for free download (go to the Programspage). More are added regularly, so it pays to visit the website often.

Free Tutorials

If you installed the tutorials then the Ezy Pascal start menu will havelinks to them. The first set of tutorials, Tutorials 1: Pascal Language Features, does not assume any previous knowledge of programming, so this is where you shouldstart. The Ezy Pascal Programs folder will contain sub-folders called Tutorials 1, Tutorials 2, etc that contain programs for the tutorials.

If you installed EzyPascal using the "All Downloads" installer, then the tutorials have been installed, otherwise you can download them from the Ezy Pascal website (go to the Downloads page).The team at
Dolphin Bay Software

The installer places a shortcut to this file on the desktop. To delete the shortcut, right click on it and then select Delete.
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