Climbing annapurna

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Climbing Annapurna Characters:  Arlene Blum: Member of the Team Team leader or leader of expedition. An American mountaineer. She has a boyfriend called John.  Vera Watson: Member of the Team Shewas 46 and a computer scientist. She was enthusiastic about Arlene’s idea.  Irene Miller: Member of the Team Scientist. She had 2 daughters one called Teresa(13). 42 years old. She was enthusiasticabout Arlene’s idea.  John Henry Hall: was killed in an avalanche on Mount St Elias in Canada. A very good friend of Arlene.  Joan Firey: Member of the Team - one of the most experienced womenmountaineers in the world. 49 years old. Joan had returned because he was ill.  Alison Chadwick: Member of the Team - one of the most experienced women mountaineers in the world – She was a British climber.She disagreed with Arlene about the Sherpas she wants climbed Annapurna without men.  Sherpa: they live in eastern Nepal. They had hired to carry loads on the mountain. They know the mountains verywell and are excellent climbers and porters.  Annie Whitehouse: Member of the Team- 21 years old. She was falling in love with Yeshi. A nurse.  Yeshi: the cook. Friend of Annie.  Vera Karmakova:Member of the Team – she was very interested in plants- collected many of the unusual flowers.  Piro Kramar: Member of the Team - The team doctor. She didn’t climb to the summit, because in the morningher first finger on her right hand had frozen.  Lopsang Tsering: the Sirder (high-ranking leader). Or head Sherpa. He always called Arlene “Bara Memsahib” ( = “Woman Leader” in Nepalese.

 BaraMemsahib:  Liz Klobusicky: a young American climber who worked as a schoolteacher in Germany. After forty days, Liz had returned to Germany.  Margi Rusmore: one of the youngest members. She hadlearnt so much on this expedition.  Christy trews: the Base Camp Manager Sides:  Kathmandu: airport in Nepal. The city where their great adventure would begin.  Nepal:  San Francisco:  Pokhara: It...
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