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video Sideport Video Decoders

Sideport Broadcast Audio/Video Decoder
highly flexible single-chip video and broadcast audio decoding
Conexant’s broadband communications portfolio includes a comprehensive suite of semiconductor solutions that enable the digital home and information network. The CX25840/1/2/3 is Conexant’s second generation of Audio/Video (A/V) decoders built onthe success of the CX23880 family of broadcast A/V PCI decoders. These devices are optimized for the regional broadcast requirements and are pin-to-pin compatible with each other. The CX25840/ 1/2/3 is the smallest integrated stereo broadcast A/V decoder capable of demodulating all of the most common worldwide A/V standards. The CX25840 with no DBX and CX25841 with DBX support both the NorthAmerican (BTSC) and Japanese (EIA-J) markets, respectively. The CX25842 supports the European market. And finally, for the customer who wants a single chip to address all worldwide broadcast standards, there is the CX25843. This device provides highly integrated, single-chip analog, A/V capture solutions ideal for digital video systems that support worldwide broadcast analog A/V content. Distinguishedby its high quality, flexibility, broadcast audio support, integration, and ease of use, the CX25840/1/2/3 can be designed into a wide array of applications, including set-top boxes, flat panel displays, HDTVs, and personal video recorders (PVRs). Highly Integrated The CX25840/1/2/3 is highly integrated, and includes anti-aliasing, noise rejection filters, and Automatic Gain Control (AGC) and DCrestore circuits. Along with worldwide decoding for all common video and broadcast audio standards, processing functions such as high-quality four-lines adaptive comb filtering, arbitrary horizontal and 5-tap vertical scaling, hue, brightness, saturation, and contrast controls are also included. The audio path includes an automatic volume control function and two assignable stereo processing unitsfor control of volume, three-band equalization, and balance. The level of audio and video integration provided by the CX25840/1/2/3 removes the need for additional broadcast audio decoding and processing chips or external sound demodulation chips. It also reduces the overall Bill-of-Materials (BOM) for the system developer, without compromising audio and video performance. part numberCX25840/1/2/3 description Sideport Broadcast Audio/Video Decoder

Distinguishing Features
• Auto detection and configuration for audio/video • Worldwide audio standards - BTSC, EIA-J, A2, NICAM, FM/AM • Baseband audio support via I2S and AC 97 • Two 10 bit A/D • Component video support • Integrated anti-alias filter • 12mm X 12mm 80-TQFP • 4H adaptive comb • On-chip voltage regulator

video SideportVideo Decoders

Ease of Use The CX25840/1/2/3 can automatically detect, via the use of an on-chip microprocessor, all the worldwide broadcast video and audio standards. This automatic detection is particularly important in geographic regions where different audio standards may be received on a channel-by-channel basis. The devices are preconfigured in default mode for development, verification, andfast prototyping and thus require minimal programming for startup. Flexible Architecture The CX25840/1/2/3 video inputs can be programmed for up to eight signal inputs - a maximum of eight Composite Video Baseband Signal (CVBS) input channels. Each of these inputs can be used to support CVBS, S-Video, component video, or broadcast audio inputs. The total number and configuration of video andaudio inputs is user defined.

With eight programmable input ports and configurable output ports for 4:2:2 digital video and linear PCM audio, the CX25840/ 1/2/3 can be used to capture video and audio from TV tuners, DVD players, video cameras, VCRs, game consoles, or any other source of composite Y/C or component (480i) video. Baseband Audio Support Output flexibility is not limited to video. The...
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