Pose the story of three countries Colombia, Japan and Switzerland. Explain why a country like Colombia is a poor country, if you have a great diversity of animals, plants, natural resources, is surrounded by two oceans and two seas. While Japan is a small country, it is larger than the Amazonia department, where no cultivation, most of what they eat what they create in greenhouses, not livestock production and has three times the population of Columbian and Japan is the third worldpower after the United States and China.
In addition Switzerland is much smaller than the Guaviare department, just four months a year harvest since the rest of the year it's snowing, produces little livestock, does not have the natural resources found in Colombia and this is one of the countries with the more stable economy in the world.
Colombia for its location is a water-rich countries, Colombia has a large amount of natural resources this means that Colombia has an advantage worldwide. Sowhy Japan is a world power and Switzerland is one of the most stable and developed nations of the world. This happens because Colombia is a violent, corrupt, bankrupts the health system and with lower levels of education in the world, is a poor country.
Most people believe that the Japanese created the radios, televisions, calculatingly, computers, cell phones, robots, humanoids, motorcycles and cars, and think they are a superior race. The Japanese do not believe this, they do not think theyhave much intelligence, but know how to use what they have, are penances, work together and this makes them united, not peeledfrom each other, for them not worth it. Are proof that disciplines is that theydid not create the radios, televisions, etc.. But if the owners of Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Sony, Nintendo, etc.
Colombians if they are smart, it will easily fit into another culture, recursive, are happy, then why are not the best?... Disciplines that are not, arriving late to [continua]

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