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The Bachillerato Decree 113/2002 30th September, establishes the general State Objectives for this stage that comprises 2 years. Objective number 2 reads as follows:
By the end of Bachillerato students will be able to understand and express themselves in the language or languages chosen.
Furthermore, it highlights in its objective number 1 theimportance of consolidating the communicative competence in their mother tongue.
Our unit directly contributes to Objective number 2, this is Fluency and Correctness in the foreign language, but also it helps to deepen the knowledge of their communicative competence in their mother tongue as throughout our unit we will ask our students to constantly reflect and compare their productions with theirmother tongue.
In addition, our unit will also contribute directly or indirectly to the achievement of other Bachillerato objectives, because the purpose of our unit will not only be or focus on the concepts or procedures relevant to the foreign language (grammatical contents, skill…etc,), but also English, that due to its instrument or value, will be used as means to transmit othervalues and strategies.
This unit, Body and Health , is directly related to the Transversal topic health education. The students will develop reading, speaking, writing and listening skills by means of reading and understanding the information from several texts about health, by talking about doing sport, eating healthy and talking about their habits, likes and dislikes. They will be asked tovalue their different points of view critically and to compare them with those they are given in this unit .
They will also be asked to use new technologies such as internet as a source of information.
It is therefore clear our contribution to objectives 5 and 7, (5- analyse and value critically the realities of our contemporary world. 7- Use new technology as a source ofcommunication, as means of acquiring new knowledge, solving problems, .etc)
Finally, as our goal is for our students to use the language and not to talk about the language (communicative approach), throughout this unit, the students will be asked to express opinions and to interact with the teacher and their classmates regarding issues related to our topic.(health education)
It is clear thereforethat they should show, tolerance and respect towards others’ opinions, contributing this way to the personal and social maturity and autonomy (objectives 8 and 12)
Our goal in this unit, as in the rest of our Didactic Program, is for our students to achieve communicative competence (grammatical, discourse, socio-cultural and strategic). This, as we will later see when dealing withmethodology, will be done by means of communicative tasks. As a result, this unit contributes to the 7th General Area Objective.(1st, 2nd and 3rd that refer to skills -speaking, writing, listening and reading-, 4th to strategies, 5th to grammar and 6th and 7th to socio-cultural competence).
As mentioned earlier, we are in a Secondary Education School located in Murciacity centre. This centre has 3 Bachilleratos (Humanities, Technological and Social Sciences). This Didactic Unit, is aimed at 1st of Bachillerato students, Humanities Modality. The group has got 25 students aged 15-17, coming from different social and educational backgrounds. Some students come from 4th ESO of our school and others from other private and public schools in the area. It is for this,we carried out a diagnostic evaluation at the beginning of the year, trying to find out their abilities, interests and necessities.
Regarding abilities, we have stated it is a mixed ability class where 10 % of our students have shown a good command of the contents and procedures (that as we already know, as mentioned earlier, Bachillerato contents are an extension and consolidation of ESO...
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