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13 Colonies Report (New York)

The Dutch West India Company sent out a boatload of colonists in to New York in 1624 . They were announced thefirst settlers and established themselves in the northern
Hudson Valley .

The colony was founded and governed by man named Peter Minuit in 1626. TheEnglish took over in 1664 and the colony was renamed New York, after the Duke of York future King Jaimes II.
The Citizens of the colony had the right of property,citizenship and had the right of trial of jury.
The religion they practiced was Puritanism, and allowed them to a religious libety.
TheEnglish inhabitants of New York had gladly welcomed the change of government, and even the Dutch had made little resistance, as they were tired of the tyrannical rule of thecompany. If there was any bitterness against English rule remainig, it was wholly removed in 1677 by an event of great importance to both hemispheres.
When Nicolls becamegovernor he made litlle immediate change in the general or local government except to adopt English titlles for the public officers.

An event of greatinteres occurred in New York in 1735, known as the Zenger case. Governor Cosby had entered suit before the Suprime Court of New York to obtain a sum of money and hadlost. He then removed the judge and thus offended the popular
Party, Peter Zenger, the publisher of a newspaper, the New York Weekly Journal, attacked the governorthough its columns and severely criticized his action.
The governor was enraged at these attacks, and he ordered the paper burned an the editor arrested for libel.
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