Como utiizar las cosas

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___SALESPERSON 3. . Meeting for a specific purpose such as to discuss employment
_ 4. Is a group formed for the defense of the common professional interest
 5. Is who exhibits the goods andservices and utilizes some strategies for selling this goods and services.
___WALKOUT 6. Is the action took for manifesting an opposition or a disagreement.
___UNION 8. The total amountof money or property owned or used by a corporation or individual
___QUALITY BRIEF 9. A statement of one’s qualifications and work record, using in applying for work.
___INTERVIEW ___ACCOUNTANT 11. A person who examines financial records to see they are correct.
___BOOKKEEPER 12. Financial gain benefit
___CAPITAL 13. Is the interruption of the work that the workers make for obligation tothe bosses for that their recoveries are heeded.
___ENTERPRISE 14. The amount of profit earned or loss suffered during an accounting period
___FINANCE 15. The money affairs or resources of anorganization or individual funs.
___PROFIT 16. . A balance in one’s favor, an entry of an amount in an account as payment of an existing of future debt
___INSURANCE 17. Stock includes raw materials,end products, finished goods, and tools and supplies.
___TAX 18. Money that must be paid by people for the support of the government
___AUDITOR 19. A person whose job is recording, managing orexamining financial records or accounts
___CREDIT 20. A person who keeps records of business accounts
___INVENTORY   21. A project or undertaking a business organization
___RESPONSIBILITY 22. Fixedassets, working capital,
inventory, credit and collection
___SALESMANSHIP 23. When a person takes a job, one of the
terms of employment
___ELEMENTS IN THE 24. The Art of persuading people tobuy
UTILIZATION OF CAPITAL products services or ideas is as old as the history of
___PURCHASING  25. Is the personal ability of a manage achieve a given goal
___PLANNING 26. Is to...
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