Comparison of el pais and the new york times

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  • Publicado : 30 de noviembre de 2011
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The comparison between El Pais and The New York Times

El Pais is a Spanish newspaper which is written in Spanish and needs to be paid to obtain it, even though its consumers can access it onlineon a free basis. The owner of such prestigious press is Prisa Group, which deals with several other Spanish mass media communication organizations. It was estimated that El Pais sold an average of473407 copies each day in 2010, making it the first in the category of non-sports in Spain. It mainly operates in Spain, having several assets all around the country in its principal cities, and LatinAmerica. It offers not only national news, but also includes international information. The New York Times is an American newspaper published in its city of origin, New York. Its owner is Arthur OchsSulzberger Jr., who distributes all across the United States and several other countries all over the globe. It is known that The New York Times Company owns other 40 publications such as TheInternational Herald Tribune and The Boston Globe. The similarity this paper has with El Pais is that to obtain it physically, the consumer needs to pay, although it can also be consulted free online. Now we’regoing to compare both newspapers in terms of their digital format. Both papers seem to have similar web pages at first sight. They both contain advertisements at the sides or on the top of the page.Its design is made up of a blank background. The filets, titles and subtitles are written both with the font Georgia in dark blue, although The New York Times has the titles in bold whilst thesubtitles aren’t altered. If we enter the different articles clicking on the link we also find similar formats of offering the news. The font size of the news only varies by a 0.5. El Pais seems to have moreand much bigger photographs than The New York Times. I must add to this that when the news’ link is clicked, and the consumer is able to read the whole information, both have similar formats...
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