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  • Publicado : 15 de noviembre de 2010
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Comparisons between two cities

In this text I will talk about two cities in our country. Cartagena is a small city located in the north of the country. Thiscity is very hot and is characterized to be quite touristic. People who live there are very friendly and most of them have dark skin. Also this city has a colonialstyle and looks very old, indeed the most symbolic place is called “La ciudad amurallada”. There are many beaches, hotels, restaurants, museums and touristplaces to visit, that include San Felipe Castle and the San Pedro Claver square. At night for example, people that wants to travel around the city can be mounted on acarriage and later go to party at some bar.

Moreover, Bogota is the capital of the country. This city is very cold because it is located several meters abovesea level. The massive transport in Bogota is Transmilenio, which is very organized but very insecure. To be the capital of the country is a large and big city, inwhich many people lived. The number of cars is alarming and for this reason are many traffic jams. Furthermore in Bogota there are several technological andeconomic centers of great importance for the country.

Now we can say that there are many differences between these two cities. On the one hand, Bogota is moreimportant than Cartagena, because in this city develops much of the country's economy. However Cartagena is funer than Bogota because it has more touristic places tovisit and there are many beaches. Also Cartagena is more relaxing than Bogota.
In conclusion I like more Cartagena to travel although I love live in Bogota.
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