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  • Publicado : 3 de septiembre de 2012
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• Habermas, J.“Further Reflections on the Public Sphere”, en Calhoun. C. Ed, Habermas and the Public Sphere. Massachusetts: MIT Press
• Wright, C. R. “Mass Comunications: A Sociological Approach”.2da edición, Random House , Nueva York
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From a theorical point of view, mass mediacommunication can get control on society by a theory that has been changing its name as time goes by, and one of the most famous names nowadays is known as “the hypodermic needle” which is trying to explainthat througout the manage on communication we can create the reaction on the receptors.
The theory here is saying that manipulation is possible because it handles with the enormous and growing power ofthe media, there is no element of resistance, the message is routed by the mass media, and from there, you can create a stimulus, such a strong message to "inject into the skin of every member ofsociety" (hence the name "hypodermic needle"). Between the emissary and receptor between stimulus and response there is no intermediation that impede achieving the objectives, there is a direct cause andeffect, something mechanical. As indicated by one of the greatest contemporary authors known for studies on mass communication, Melvin De Fleur, "The first set of beliefs about the nature and power ofmass communications was not in fact made at the time by any student of communications. But hindsight is known as the magic bullet theory. He subsequently received other picturesque names ashypodermic theory or theory of chain reaction. The basic idea that lies behind these names is that media messages are received evenly throughout the public and that immediate and direct reactions are triggeredby these stimuli”

• La teoría plantea que la manipulación es posible ya que frente al enorme y creciente poder de los medios, no hay ningún elemento de resistencia; el mensaje se...
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