Concentradores solares

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  • Publicado : 11 de septiembre de 2010
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It is undoubtedly that more people are becoming concerned on how to use energy. In present age, power consumption is increasing each day thatpasses and the energy sources cannot be always fossil fuel triggered. People and Nations are pursuing a new way from where to get energy, and with the concern of climate change and global warming, oureyes are turning into renewable energy option. If all the power we have in the world is some form of indirect sun energy, what about going directly to the source of all that. Concentrated Solar Power(CSP) can be one of the leading technologies to generate energy from the Sun if enough attention collected.
Even with the best estimates, fossil fuel in which we rely the most will not last for toolong and the necessity of new sources of energy are arising more rapidly(Abbot 2010). Now, how can we see that? Just as simple as looking to the Government new policies, targets and incentives forrenewable energy, nations signing protocols that makes us to reduce carbon emissions and the increasing options on efficient products that uses less and do more.
Harvesting power from the sun is known asSolar-thermal, and the CSP can be the solution. So, Can the world be able to tackle the problem of energy supply with just one technology? I say it can be, an even with low technology, by using thoseareas in the world in where sun is predictable, CSP is totally viable even though with the barriers that come along. (Abbott 2009).
Admittedly, when installing any structure in order to produceenergy all the impacts associated with it has to be taken into account, and CSP is not an exemption. Now, environmental impacts are the most crucial ones when building an energy plant, but if compared withother types of renewable energy sources it can be even better. Of course it also depends on who is analysing the system and the end purpose.
Following the last lines, if a CSP is to be installed...
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