Configuracion snmp enterasys

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configuracion snmp enterasys

This tutorial will explain how to configure SNMP traps on an Enterasys switch. This tutorial will cover only generating all traps available and it willnot show how to filter SNMP traps on the switch.
Setting up access to SNMP
Before we setup the switch to generate SNMP traps we first need to create a new SNMP community to allow read, write andnotify access (there is already a default community called public but will ignore it).
Create the new community:
set snmp community trapmgmt
Now if you want to use SNMPv3 you will need to create aspecific username and provide either no password (NoAuthNoPriv), provide just authentication (AuthNoPriv) or provide both authentication and encryption (AuthPriv). The following example willconfigure AuthPriv.
For authentication the available option are MD5 or SHA and for encryption the options are DES or AES (AES support is only available from version 6.0).
set snmp user trapmgmtv3encryption aes privacy privpassword authentication md5 authpasswd
Create a group to hold the users. In our example we will use the default group groupRW.
set snmp group groupRW user trapmgmt security v1set snmp group groupRW user trapmgmt security v2c
set snmp group groupRW user trapmgmtv3 security usm
Assign the access views to the group. ‘All’ view is a predefined view that allows access to thewhole MIB tree structure.
set snmp access groupRW security-model v1 read All write All notify All
set snmp access groupRW security-model v2c read All write All notify All
set snmp access groupRWsecurity-model usm privacy exact read All write All notify All
Setting the traps on the switch
Defined under what circumstances SNMP notification are sent by the switch
set snmp targetparamsv1params user trapmgmt security-model v1 message-processing v1
set snmp targetparams v2cparams user trapmgmt security-model v2c message-processing v2c
set snmp targetparams USMparams user trapmgmtv3...
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