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Historical General Assembly

March 14 - March 18 2010

AMI NASH Secretary-General KELLY DIEP Director-General LAUREN FULTON Deputy Secretary-General General Assembly PRATHAMA K NABI Deputy Secretary-General Economic and Social Council and Regional Bodies REIHAN NADARAJAH Deputy Secretary-General Specialized Agencies KATHLEEN TANG Deputy Secretary-General AdministrationKENNETH LI Deputy Secretary-General Business ROBERT HAMLIN Deputy Secretary-General Strategy

Dear Delegates,

It is my pleasure and honor to welcome you to World Model United Nations 2010! My name is Ami Nash, and I am the Secretary-General of WorldMUN 2010. Within this document, you will find the study guide for your committee. The conference staff for WorldMUN 2010 has been working tirelessly forthe past eight months to provide you with an unparalleled conference experience, starting with this guide. Each Chair has worked to display his or her unique passion for the topics in each study guide and researched extensively to provide you with the best possible overview of each committee’s topic areas. Please use this guide as a launching point for your exploration of your committee’s topicsand of your country or leader’s policies. The WorldMUN Spirit asks each delegate to step into the shoes of those from entirely different cultures, to gain much better understanding across borders, and that starts with your research. The more preparation you do for your committee, the more WorldMUN will be able to offer you. Take the time to read carefully through the study guide, to completeadditional research, and to explore the various resources on our website; our Guide to Model United Nations and Rules of Procedure, both of which have been updated this year, are designed specifically to assist you in your preparations. Additionally, updates to the study guide will be posted later in winter and will provide information on recent news developments and more context to each committee’stopics. Please enjoy reading this study guide, and I am excited to see all of you in Taipei in March! Sincerely,

Ami Nash
Ami Nash Secretary-General World Model United Nations 2010

Secretary General: Ami Nash secretarygeneral@worldmun. org

Historical General Assembly
Dear Delegates, Welcome to WorldMUN 2010! My name is Lauren Fulton and itis with great pleasure that I introduce you to the General Assembly committees at WorldMUN this year. Charged with making recommendations that uphold international peace and security, the General Assembly maintains significant power over the normative state of affairs in international politics, despite its lack of binding force behind resolutions. The influence of the General Assembly stems fromits broad membership: It has grown from the original 51 signatories to encompass all 192 current Member States of the United Nations. Furthermore, it is the only organ in which all members have equal representation. Most issues that come before it require a simple majority to pass a resolution, but questions of peace and security, along with the election of Security Council members, can be resolvedonly through a two-thirds majority, which sends a powerful message of global public opinion to countries involved in the relevant disputes. At WorldMUN, the General Assembly committees are the largest and most representative committees. They give new delegates a taste of the size and scope of the UN, and they offer experienced delegates the thrill and challenge of debating and negotiating in sucha large grouping of their peers. Given the size of the General Assembly, much of the action in committee takes place in behind-the-scenes negotiations among delegates, rather than just in speeches to the full committee. The General Assembly committees offered at WorldMUN 2010 espouse the principles of commitment to international peace and consensus-building through debate. Their topics address...
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