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This public school is situated in an urban place, rounded by a middle-sized square and other zones with a worse social situation. This is a middle-sized school whichcompounds both Primary and Secondary Education.

The students of this school are children of people included in the middle-lower class, some of them unemployed, and the problem of drugs is present at thenext areas of the school. Families and school have a stretch relation in the students’ education.

Attendance in this school is obligatory, according to the valid law, and if the student doesn’tcome to the school in repeated times, the school will take the necessary decision to remediate it.

Students must come showed and with a good personal hygiene, and if this rule is not fulfilled thepupil will be sent back to home.

In this school, students are educated in the development of their autonomy to promote a high self-esteem, cause people with a high self-esteem obtains better resultswith the studies.

As we said before, this is a private school, so, teachers are not stable here. The school counts now with 14 teachers in Primary Education and 10 in Secondary Education. InPrimary, 8 of them are specialists in Primary, 2 in the Foreign Language area, 2 in the Music Area and 2 in disabilities.

The school has inside two computer rooms, each one with 25 computers inside,library, a multiple uses room, laboratory, chapel (is a religious school), and one art and drama room. Outside, it counts with 5 playgrounds (1 of them with roof for raining days), bar service, 1 stage forperformances (in Christmas, Carnival or at the end of curse), and bathrooms and changing rooms for both boys and girls.

In the afternoon this school let the children play inside the playgroundsand propose some extra activities like dance, English reinforcement, Computers, etc.

Pupils are for ages between 6 and 12 years in Primary, and between 12 and 16 in Secondary, with all kind of...
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