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  • Publicado : 24 de mayo de 2011
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Juliana: good morning team, today we are going to study some of the problems we have in the marketing department with the launching of the new bottled water Kristal, it is necessary forus to identify some of the possible solutions at the end of the meeting. Yohanna which do you think is the main problem?
Yohanna: buenos días… yo creo que el problema principal es el producto, creoque deberíamos ofrecer un rango de diferentes tamaños.
Kalid: i agree…we should offer sizes such as: small (250ml) medium (500ml) and big (1 litre)
Juliana: you are right, i’ll write it down.Yohanna: creo que deberíamos cambiar la presentación de la botella de agua
Kalid: i think you are right…it shouldn’t be a glass bottle, it should be plastic
Juliana: and why do you think that must bedone?
Yohanna: porque seria mas fácil para las personas cargar una botella de plástico que una de vidrio.
Kalid: besides that i think that a plastic bottle would reduce cost, and we that’s alsoimportant.
Juliana: yes you’re right the glass presentation is more complicated for people to carry it in their bags, they would think it twice before buying it. I also think costs must be checked andcorrected.
Yohanna: si, estamos vendiendo por encima de nuestra competencia, la gente no nos va a preferir.
Kalid: yes, we should have lower costs, at least while we start.
Juliana: now let’s move onto another important ítem which is the segment, kalid do you think Kristal water is targeted at the right segment of the market?
Kalid: yes…i think the segment is not the problema, the thing is thatit is not being sold at the right places.
Juliana: yohanna do you agree?
Yohanna: si, creo ke no deberíamos venderlo solo en delicatessens y tiendas de comida saludable, sino también ensupermercados.
Juliana: i think i agree, the segment is right because kristal wáter characteristics are mainly for people who are worried about keeping a healthy lifestyle, but we should include supermarkets...