The price bride

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-Before Reading:
1. What do you know now about Aku-nna? Circle the correct words in this passage:
When Aku-nna’s father dies, she has to leave Ibuzaand goes to live in her hometown. She is an innocent girl, who finds her new life difficult, especially as her brother is too young to give her any advice. At first she had no friends, and so shefeels very lonely, but soon she meets a young man, who is kind to her.
2. Can you guess what might happen to Aku-nna in this story?
Aku-nna will…
1-Become a teacher.
2-Marry a man she dislikes.3-Have only one child.
4-Be happy for a short time.
5- Die young.
-While Reading:
1. Read chapters 1-3. Are these sentences true (T) or false (F)? Rewrite the false sentences with the correctinformation.
1- True.
3- False.
4- True.
7- False, only Christian ceremonies.

2. Before you read Chapter 4, can you guess the answers to those questions?
a) Where will Aku-nnaand her brother live now?
They live in Ibuza.
b) What will happen to Aku-nna and Nna-nndo if their mother remarries?

c) Will Aku-nna be married off, so that her bride price can pay forNna-nnado’s education?
d) Who will be the head of the family now – Ma blackie, Nna-nnddo, or somebody else?
- aja: A Nigerian worl for special kind of dance.
- Birth: the act ortime of being born.
- Cassava: an African vegetable from which bread can be made.
- Childbirth: to give a name to someone or something.
- Christian: someone who believes in Jesus Christ.
- Come to nogood: to get into trouble or have a bad life.
- Comfort: to give help, kindness, etc. to someone who is unhappy.
- Degree: a certificate given by a university.
- Doll: a toy in the shape of aperson.
- Funeral: the ceremony when a dead person is buried.
- Gong: a round piece of metal which makes a loud ringing noise when it is beaten.
- Gourd: a large, hollow fruit with a hard skin,...
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