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  • Publicado : 8 de junio de 2011
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Eduardo: hi! I would like to make a reservation for five people
Waiter (Mariana): yes, follow me please.
Eduardo: sure
Waiter: may I take your order?
Eduardo: yes, I’ll have a stuffed mushroomWaiter: what would you like to drink?
Eduardo: a coca-cola
Waiter: glass unlimited?
Eduardo: yes, thanks
Waiter: and for you lady?
Nora: hmmm… what do you recommend?
Waiter: baked ravioli
Nora:hmmm… other?
Waiter: spinach & artichoke creamy!
Nora: ok I’ll have this.
Waiter: what would you like to drink?
Nora: a green tea please.
Waiter: large or small?
Nora: small is fine
Waiter:anything else?
Nora: yes for the moment, thanks
Waiter: and may I take your order sir?
Jesus: of course
Waiter: what would you like?
Jesus: other stuffed mushroom
Waiter: ok and your drink?Jesus: I’ll have a American coffee!
Waiter: with sugar?
Jesus: yes two please
Waiter: ok anything else?
Jesus: yes thanks
Waiter: and for your friends?
Amalia: well I’ll have a cappuccino coffeenow!!
Waiter: give me second please,
Amalia: ok ok
Waiter: what would you like for starter?
Amalia: hmmm… I don’t know
Jordan: I’ll have spinach creamy
Waiter: ok and your drink?
Jordan: acoca-cola please
Waiter: ok and you lady I suggest the mushroom creamy is very delicious
Amalia: ok could I have the mushroom creamy
Waiter: and one cappuccino?
Amalia: yes
Jesus: I’d like othercoca-cola please
Waiter: ok, would you like ice with that?
Jesus: yes, a little ice please
Waiter: sure.
Eduardo: can I smoke in this restaurant?
Waiter: no, sorry, this place is smoke-free tobacco!Eduardo: well
Jordan: a cup of coffee please
Waiter: coffee?
Jordan: yes, American coffee please.
Waiter: and what would you like to main?
Eduardo: I’d like a parmesan crusted fish filletWaiter: ok
Jordan: may I have a Grilled pepper fish fillet
Amalia: grilled salmon please
Nora: I’d like beef tenderloin
Waiter: and for you sir?
Jesus: grilled pork chops.
Waiter: what would you...
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