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1.- Write a paragraph about your daily schedule. Study unit 6. Write at least 5 sentences.

My Daily Schedule

Let me tell you about my daily schedule. I usually get up at 6:30 inthe morning I am going to leave my daughters to the school at 7:30. I eat breakfast at 8:00. I do some chores the house at 8:00 to 8:30 I get dressed to going at work at 8:40. I finish work at1:00. I am going to gather to the school my daughters at 1:10 and we have lunch at 1:45 in the afternoon. I take a break at 2:30. I help to my daughters with his homework. I cook dinner for my family. Ido my homework In the night. I go to bed at 10:30.

2.- Write a paragraph about your skills. Study unit 8. Write at least 5 sentences.

My name is Carolina. I am professional and again I amstudying another career. I work at office. I have good life skills and work skills. I can do housework. I can play baskelball. I can drive car and bike. I can cook lasagna for my family. I can fly theglider. I can use a computer. I can help my daughters with their homework and I can learning english.

3.- Write a note to a family member. write the chores you did and did not do. study unit 9.


I did the lunch for you, I clean the kitchen and I didn’t mop the living room. I hope you eat your lunch and wash the dishes. I didn’t wash the car because I didn’t have time. I did thelaundry and I swept the floor. I didn’t iron the shirts, because I was very busy

Welcome home

I'll see you afternoon.



4.- Write a paragraph about your lastvacation. Study unit 10. Write at least 5 sentences.

I had a nice vacation. I went to Esmeraldas. I went hiking with my daughters

I went to the beach we enjoyed of the sea, and we ate muchseafood. My daughters and I went to go walking on the sand and saw a beautiful sandcastle. We went swimming in the hotel’s swimming pool.

Next vacation. I am going to Guayaquil with my family. We...
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