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Name: lizeth Andrade
Course: 10º
Date: 02/06/010
Pag.67 (4) choose the correct form of the verb.
1. I should/shouldn`t get my glasses. I can`t see the video.
2. You should /shouldn`t eat candy in class.
3. I should /shouldn`t go to bed early tonight. I’m very tired.
4. You should/shouldn`t listen to this CD. It’s awesome.
5. Lala, you bad cat, you should /shouldn`t drink mymilk.
6. We should /shouldn`t forget to give our homework to Miss Ranieri.
7. Tom, you should /shouldn`t come in now. It`s time for bed.
8. I should/shouldn`t clean my room. I can`t find anything.
9. Ssh! We should /shouldn`t talk in the library.
10. You should/shouldn`t eat the chocolate cake. It`s for the party tomorrow.
11. You should/shouldn`t send Grandma a card. It’s her birthday soon.Pag68 (8) Use the prompts to write sentences with like-ing.
1. I play /soccer
I like playing soccer.
2. My mother watch/sports on TV.
My mother doesn`t like watching sports on TV.
3. My dog eat / pizza
My dog likes eating pizza.
4. We go /concerts.
We likes going to concerts.
5. You write/letters
You doesn`t like writing letters.

6. Charlie clean /his room.Charlie likes cleaning his room.
7. I wait for /the bus.
I don`t like waiting for letters.
8. Julie do/her math homework
Julie doesn`t like doing her math homework.

Pag.75 (4) read what Adam`s Mather says, then write what says.

1. You can`t stay up late on weekdays.
My mother doesn`t let me stay up late on weekdays.
2. You can stay up late on the weekends.
She lets me stay up lateon the weekends
3. You can`t ride your bike to school.
She doesn`t let me ride my bike to school.
4. You can ride your in the park.
She lets me ride my bike in the park.
5. You can`t watch TV in the morning.
She doesn`t let me watch in the morning
6. You can watch TV after school.
She lets me watch TV after school.
7. You can`t cook dinner on weekdays.
My mom lets me cook dinner on theweekdays.
8. You can cook dinner on the weekends.
She doesn`t let me play baseball in the backyard.
9. You can`t play baseball in the house.
She doesn`t let me play baseball in the house.
10. You can play baseball in the backyard.
My mom let me play baseball in the backyard.

Pag.77 (11) chooses the correct word.
1. How mach/many people are there in your family?
2. How much/many childrenare there in your school?
3. How much/many allowance do you get?
4. How much /many cheese would you like on your spaghetti?
5. How much/many potato chips are there in the bag?
6. How much/many water does your dog drink?
7. How much /many milk is there in the fridge?
8. How much /many apples would you like?
9. How much/many fruit do you have?
10. How much /many time do you have?
11. Howmuch/many times a day do you brush your teeth?

Pag.85 (3) chooses the correct verb and writes in the present continuous.
1. Be quiet! I `m doing my math homework, and it`s really difficult.
2. It `s raining now .we can go out and play in the park.
3. It`s snowing .the yard is all white.
4. I`m not watching trash on TV, it`s a very good public television show.
5. I can`t readthe board .I`m not wearing my glasses.
6. Sandra`s sleeping .She`s very tired after the trip.
7. Listen! She `s singing a French song.
8. I`m not playing very well. I can`t get the ball
9. Jade isn`t here. She `s staying at a friend`s house.

Pag.86 (8) Complete the captions, using (not) going to and a verb from the box.
Eat fall rainmake say take win |

1. It`s going to rain 2. She`s going to take
Take your umbrella a picture of the bird.

3. I don’t like this food and 4. Our team is...
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