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  • Publicado : 14 de marzo de 2011
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(Ken and Barbie)

In 1990, they contracted marriage Karla, Paul young, good-looking and apparently charmers. It would be an incredible wedding: family and friends never miss. Thehistorical church in Niagara with cart white horses, champagne, delicious pheasant, wedding for a Queen.

Karla gave body and soul to Paul. He was unique, special and unique and if it missingshortly, so wild in bed... well Karla loved both Paul that would make him anything, anything to keep this idyllic marriage.

But too him it upset Paul Karla was not Virgin when he satisfied... It was fromhis point of view, responsibility for his beloved wife let Paul rape the little virgen and Karla, Tammy young sister. And of course, without a doubt, no respectable consent. Karla accept that logic,the rest was easy, even the idea of recording the whole thing seemed to make sense. After all, would record this scene be a peculiar way of remembering important events.

As Karla working at aveterinary clinic, it was everyday knowledge of sedation to animals. So was underway, the trick they created was simple, sufficient to halothane, an anesthetic animals inhale before surgery in a cloth onhis face, Karla satisfy Tammy could breathe regularly, his precious little sister Tammy would remain sleeping, so Paul could violate. A truly organized violation, Karla Paul for Christmas gift. Camethe big day, December 23, 1990, Paul used his video camera to record the Sr and Sra.Homolka and Karla daughters, Tammy and Lori and Christmas decorations in the House.

Paul was commissioned to offersome Tammy than other loaded drink with the sedative. The effects of drugs and alcohol were effect. When other members of the House went to bed, Karla and Paul began to work. Paul held the camera inTammy while it violated it, while Karla argued the cloth with halothane on the face of his sister. Tammy was suddenly lifted with nausea but Karla who knew he had to do, her held while he pulled the...
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