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  • Publicado : 5 de septiembre de 2012
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In my opinion is an interesting movie, but sometimes it becomes too heavy. The movie analyzes the daily reality of the modern relationships, having a different conceptionof a settle or stable partner. With cheating seeing as chance or option, physical attractions put as a must have, and betrayals as part of being in a relationship.Focusing in the actual thinking of don’t matter having more than one mate, the only thing that matters is living your life the fullest and the instant pleasure regardless thatthe other person get hurt. The popular culture assumption its created through the representations of the characters in the movie when the principal characters change itspartner, betray their actual mates in few words live sexual liberation. We can conclude that the respect, trust and fidelity in the relationships it’s being replaced for anew way of culture, thinking and lifestyle that is our actual thinking.

In my opinion I didn’t like too much the movie because it manages a very liberal conception ofrelationships. Its main idea was based on the fact of none caring of the others feelings, the only thing that matters is exploiting your sexuality (the base in therelationships is sex) making it seeing like animals, leaving behind the feelings and the respect that the relationship deserves. I’m not totally agreed with this new way ofthinking or culture that we are living, but we have to deal it because it’s our reality. Bu t I totally disapprove these new wave of ideas that form all of the new boom popculture, since they oppose to my beliefs and ideas, but as ia already sayed, we have to learn how to manage and go to the flow. Since wiping all of these out its not an option.
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