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Cruise Jobs Insider
A message from Neil...

Welcome to the “Secrets to Getting Jobs on Cruise Ships”.

cruise business is Tips, Tricks & Tactics That Will The everyday industry. not your averGet You Hired! if you age And hadn’t realized this yet - you soon will!

Welcome to the “Cruise Jobs Insider” report.

You see, you can’t just pop down to your local“Job Center” or walk into a high street employment agency and ask a “Careers Advisor” or “Recruitment Consultant” to help you get a job on a cruise ship.

• •

What you need to

do to get hired—fast! The dark side of


he cruise industry is unlike any other. Think about it. When did If you asked any of these people to you last see an advert for help, most would look at you as “Cruise ShipJobs” in the Situa- though you’d just arrived from antions Vacant section of your local paper? other planet! Neil Maxwell-Keys at Sea Trade Europe Probably never. You won’t see adverts for “Jobs at Sea” in the Situations Vacant section of your weekly I first And the books You see, when paper.started out I strugyou’ll find entire library land my “dream gled for anat your year to will almostcertainly be written cruise ship. job” of working on a by “authors” and not crewmembers. What’s more, most of the printed books I’ve come Iacross a lot of time, energy and money I spent contained out-of-date, inaccurate afford on couldn’tinformation.all of the above and

the cruise industry that nobody else talks about!

The top cruise

lines that you absolutely mustapply to

If you asked your friends, family and even professional Careers Advisors to help you get a job on a cruise ship... most would have no clue where to start or how to guide you.

How to get cruise

employers to read and respond to your job applications

Jobs you can do,

even if you have little or no experience!

How to craft win-

ning cruise ship applicationsthat get you the interview …

Plus a TON of

Many of the books you’ll find at libraries and book stores are written by more… “researchers” and not crewmembers. And there’s a big difference which is cru- The websites you’ll find across on the internet up often promise you a cial for your success…. Yet I ended will deeply frustrated, angry, lot… pocket and came very close to out ofbut afterthey’ve taken your money, will deliver very on giving up on my dream little.many occaOne type is based on theory while the sions. And most people I’ve helped over other is based on reality. Which type do the years have had similar experiences. you suppose might help you the most? Perhaps you’ve already realized this? But I only tell you all this from personal experience secret to So, what’s thebig and not be- getting Websites advertising “Cruise Ship Em- cause I’m out to bash anyone; you hired? ployment” are generally pretty good at see when I first started out I strugmaking lots of extravagant promises and gled for an entire year to land my big guarantees… but are usually more “dream job” working on a cruise ship How DO you get a job on a cruise ship? interested in taking your money,than … helping you get hired. Well, despite the title of this report, I spent pleased to energy and you’ll be a lot of time,know that there are Perhaps you know this already? even money I couldn’t afford…job in the no real “secrets” to getting a yet I ended up deeply cruise industry. frustrated, angry, But I’m only telling you all of this from upset and came very close to throwpersonal experienceand not because ing in the towel on many occasions. I’m out to bash anyone In fact, it’s pretty straightforward... Most people I’ve spoken to over the
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tips, tactics and jobgetting info...
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