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In the actual globalized world, where the demand is not only of goods anymore; Business, enterprises and corporations around the world have been forced to establish “added values” to their economicactivities. These “added values” are in ‘pro’ of the social development of the community and can be: social marketing and social enterprise. Even though both are targeting to a development in thesocial aspect of the community, the strategies used by each one of them are different.
While Social marketing consist in the systematic application of not only marketing but also other concepts andtechniques to achieve an specific behavioural goal aiming to a social good in the long term. A social enterprise is an organization that applies capitalistic strategies in order to achieve philanthropicgoals such as: donating money to initiatives for public good, creation of foundations Etc. The creation of foundations is a controversial topic in some countries such as Ecuador due to the benefits thatthe companies acquire. For instance, In Ecuador if a company or natural person owns a foundation directed towards the development of the society, that company will be exempt of paying all kind ofgovernmental.
In Ecuador there are some companies that are quite involved in fitting within the “social enterprise” category and in the “Social marketing” practices. Nevertheless one of the mostoutstanding companies among the Ecuadorian companies that follow both, social marketing and social enterprise philosophy, without doubt is, believe it or not, Cervecería Nacional del Ecuador (EcuadorianNational Beer Company).
Within the social marketing campaigns that Cervecería Nacional del Ecuador manages we have: Conductor Nominado (Designed Driver) and Campaña Disfruta (Enjoy!). In the ConductorNominado campaign, Cervecería Nacional del Ecuador uses TV ads, radio, internet, social networks and newspaper to promote its message against drink and driving. Another of the activities they carry...
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