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  • Publicado : 29 de septiembre de 2010
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Once upon a time a little Rabbit, with its fluffy white tail, long ears alert, and his small black eyes denoting shyness and curiosity.
This little creature lived in a forest far away, lived thereall kinds of animals: deer, skunks, owls and foxes.
The bunny was happy, never worried about anything, just to find roots, and pass it fun playing with friends.
His best friend was thelittle fox who, despite the differences ancestral got along very good. His parents did not seem to play well together, but as the forest was peace, allowed them to continue their friendship. and soeveryone was happy.
But one day, this changed when the wicked man's hand touched the edge of the forest and it spread everywhere hiding all his mysterious shadow.
The beginning all the forest animals arewelcomed men approached them, they accepted food and played with them. but little by little, everything was different. Turtles go right to die, because in humans left the lake rubber bags, homeless hadremained the birds because the men would lie down and made firewood.
Squirrels and not getting food, because they became dependent on what the children were given
So, one day, everyone gathered atthe old owl to see what they would do. This told to take what they could and leave, because he had already heard everything he touched the man, they destroyed.
However, most of the animals ignored.believed that as they were given food were not bad, and that's where its mistake.
One day, while the rabbit, the fox and the deer were playing in the meadow, came men with metal pipes intheir hands.
The deer was happy because I had wanted to these bars that gave crisp, slowly approached to the highest of men, put his face more tenderly and lowered his head. The fox and therabbit saw from afar, because their mothers had told them never to approach men.
In this case was heard a loud noise deafened them for a moment, did not know what to do, whether to run or stay...
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