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In distant times, the histories that already had fuere the luck or the misfortune of becoming legend, derived of the human obstinacy to explain their relationship with God, be as creator or as the maximum juzgador. The lines that next present them they treat this point, without another pretense that the same as many before me, taking to the reader to the uncultured earth of theprobability.

The landscape was but sterile to each step, the silence, era maybe the only thing what could make them lose the reason, because there was not another martyrdom that can perturb the spirit, since it can be said that alone they were now that, in that they had become or at least they believed this way it, souls which are immune to the states of the senses, two Souls that you/they wandernever lost by a desert observed by earthly eyes.

Already toward a lot that the war had finished and the sky had recovered its balance, after the expulsion of thousands of Ángel, of not being for our patriarch's contradiction of condemning them to the eternal exile at the time that demonstrated its fury, these entities has gone sometimes disappearing in those piercing flames of forgetfulness.The silence, misery that had lasted eons and era the only thing that escorted them in its endless one to punish, situation that extinguished in the instant in a devastating scream covered that damned desert, but it was listened by one alone of the walkers that panicky he/she stopped its to walk and I beg for if same that such a horrible lament ceased. This was for a lot, the maximum challenged tothe divine authority since to complain it means to question the creator's will, that scream didn't fade, on the contrary it ascended every time but, until arriving to the point that the issued waves of the lips of Satan you visible tornaron forming with them kind of a door that became completely palpable in passing of the moons, and it was alone in that moment in that the pathetic bellow, becameagain in aphony.

The wandering ones spent a countless period contemplating that threshold, small era and it was not together to any structure, but perhaps for some I leave behind conscientious divine or maybe for instinct they knew that that stranger object not meant alone an exit of that lifeless and endless space to which you/they were subject; but rather at the same time it is a difficulttest, since recorded taenia his jailer's mark. Seated to a side of the door they thought that they should make, in their thoughts they discussed for that they wanted to enter but none knew exactly as.

Satan, sustained that it should be the first one in to happen for that had been his scream the one that gave form to the narrow door, logic that Cefula contrary to its desire could not defeat.This way, Satan opened the door and I enter that unknown place, but in his interior laughs and the most joyful harmonies were listened when contemplating this from out his partner also wanted to enter but the door closed in its face, despareciendo as if was a cruel illusion.

The silence had returned but now it was magnified when being totally alone Cefula, I wait for a while to that somethinghappened but everything to its surroundings continued unalterable, for instants it felt the harrowing desire to cry for its situation, since in spite of being known the consequences of its sin he/she could not understand the one for that had not been redeemed, however among the dark corners of its memory, he/she was latent the answer, that that was absolute and which ran over any intent ofquestioning to the power of the divinity.

Then, contrary to their to feel it was not able to spill a single tear, insult, neither blasphemy some undertaking of new bill their paradoxical one to go. It had not completed the twentieth third step as much as, key to the floor being prey of a strange dissipation during that state, it felt that awful images covered their inconciencia, era the first time some...
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