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  • Publicado : 4 de diciembre de 2010
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Three years ago, I traveled to Pucallpa with my family in vacations of end of year. All in my house were excited; it was the first travel to the jungle! Our first travel by ship! First we traveled toUcayali by bus, this first trip was very long and the rough road caused us nuisance. During the stroll, we were singing many funny songs and we were seeing the landscape, it was beautiful. When thetrip finished, we should continue therefore we went to the borders of the river and then we board a boat to cross the river and to arrive to the city, the captain seemed kind and very smart. The secondtrip started on the next day in the morning, this was a bright day. While we were crossing the river we could see many wild animals as alligators, monkeys, a wonderful variety of fish and birds andmany snakes overall boas and anacondas. My two little sisters were scared because it was the first time that they saw that kind of animals, so my parents put on next to them while I was enjoyingeverything in our stroll: the weather, the landscape, the clear sky, the animals that for the first time I saw them with my own eyes and very closely… It was fantastic, actually an adventure for the jungle!When my two sisters were tranquilized, we could realize the animals enjoy their demurrage in the forest, their natural inhabit: the alligators were resting and were not angry, the snakes were inthe trees, it seemed that we were safe of them until we all get scared when an enormous anaconda was next to us swimming in the river, in that moment the captain maneuvered the boat and we move awayfrom the giant anaconda, we could not believe it, we were alive! It was all an experience. The captain asked if everybody were good, the fast and short answer was only “yes”, so the captain continuedwith the stroll. In addition we saw many funny monkeys playing and jumping very tall trees. On the other hand many fish of different sizes and colors, swimming as fast as the boat and jumping out of...
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