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Argentina has two national holidays that are linked to the two foundational historical events:

1) the May Revolution of 1810, whichestablishes the First National Government. She is celebrated on May 25;

2) the Declaration of Independence in 1816, in which the United Provinces of Rio de la Plata are formally declared sovereignof the Kings of Spain, its successors and foreign domination. It is held on July 9

Traditionally, the main event took place on May 25 in the city of Buenos Aires and July 9 in the city of Tucumán,with the presence of the president. However, since some years that certain presidents were not met. Since shortly after the inauguration of kirschnerismo, major acts of Buenos Aires tend to move andperform in other localities.

Also the main ceremony included a military parade. With the return of democracy, became a civic-military parade, and after frequent budget cuts, fewer military unitsinvolved in the parade. Prior to the parade, a Te Deum was common (religious ceremony) in the Cathedral of Buenos Aires and Tucumán.

The people in general attends parades or televised follows(although less and less). Schools perform acts alluding the run and the smallest characters are disguised as typical of the era. Families often take advantage of the holiday to meet and eat traditionalfoods (the most popular are empanadas as input, and locro or roasted main course).

 at midnight the day of the festival (24 hs. previous day, that is) the national chain passes the National Anthem.Before it was executed by a military band (Los Patricios on May 25, the fanfare of the Grenadiers on July 9). Recent years have been replaced in the execution (or more accurately, have collaboratedin the execution) popular artists and performers.

Names: Fernanda Werner Ruiz
Bryan Violante Arriaga

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