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Peter Neilsen Kirsten Johansen HenrikMr. Johansen  -  Lise JohansenThe RosensMrs. HirschGreat-aunt BirteBlossom Thor 

Number the stars is about a young girl named annemariejohanson.She is a girl that has been brave thru the whole story.She has to help save her best fiend ellen rosen and ellens family from getting taken by the nazi sholders.Annemarie had an older sister but losther in a acsadent.Her parents have told her this for a long time. But when the nazi's go to a jewish temple and take names of all the people who go there Peter Nelson annemaries older sister fiancetakes ellens parents somewhere to keep them safe.But the only thing is ellen stays with the johansons and pretends to be [lise]annemaries older sister.Mrs Johanson dosent think its safe to stay incopenhangen though. So she decides thats its time to vist Annemarie and Kirstie her younger sister a vist there uncle henricks house thats so close to sweden that you can see it from the shore.Ellen getsher parents back but has to say good bye to her best friend. But after that happens annemarie find out lise got murderd by nazis. she was in the resistence witch helped jewish people find a way tosweden and be free. Also lize fiance gets shot by nazis becuse he was in it too. he also died, but he died years after lize.

Number The Stars is about a girl named Annemarie Johansen. Annemarie livesin city of Copenhagen, Denmark, and in September 1943, the third year since the Nazi's took over Denmark. Annemarie's best friend is

Ellen, who is Jewish, and is facing though times. One day, thegirls stopped by soldiers on their way home from school. The two friends, who attend the same school and live in the same place, are frightened by an encounter with the Nazis. Mrs. Johansen and Mrs.Rosen were worried, and they asked the girls to go to school a different way. Later in the year, Kirsti, Annemarie's younger sister, and Annemarie discover that Mrs. Hirsch's shop has been closed. This...
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