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In winter, clear skies, cool and dry. At high altitudes very cold at night but warm in the morning, in summer, cloudy, warm and wet.
Life ExpectancyMen: 68 years Woman: 71 years
Ethnic Make-up
45% Amerindian, 37%Mestizo, 15%white, 2.5% Afro-Peruvian
Nuevo sol
Spanish and Quechua
90% Catholic,5% Protestant
220 volts, 60 Hz A/C
The Family
The Cusqueña family is usually large and life revolves around it, Until the 1970s families with eightto ten children were not uncommon, even fifteen, but nowadays two or three children are increasingly the norm. “Family” signifies all members of the family, from grandparents touncle and aunt, as well as godparents who are not actual family events. Family members rarely choose to live far apart and the home is often extended to accommodate a son or daughterupon marriage. If this is not possible they will live a few blocks away from one parent or the other. It is rare for young adults to move away from their parents to live alone. For manycouple it is often a struggle to “leave the nest” and they may stop in for a meal, given that they cannot yet afford a Muchacha (maid). Divorce is becoming less of a taboo but it isstill greatly frowned upon , and for military personnel severely restricts promotion prospect, so many couples live separate lives or maintain unhappy “show” marriage. Having achild out of wedlock has become more socially acceptable but most couples choose to marry early in the pregnancy. Abortions are illegal as Catholic values hold firms, but might bepermitted on medical grounds. An expensive clinic is sometimes the answer. Cusco is, unquestionably, a macho society in many ways, but at home it is the mother who rules the roost.
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